Katie Hyams | Reportage and portrait photographer

Clients | Katie Hyams | London-based Reportage & Portrait Photographer

What clients say… “I love Katie's work because it has an unusual clarity and intelligence”….

I love Katie’s work because it has an unusual clarity and intelligence. It is unaffected and invariably true to her subject. She has a great eye and a very calm presence, which makes everyone around her feel confident and relaxed. And you can see it in the results.
— Peter Dale
Katie always delivers such fine portraits, they inherit a great feeling of gentleness, an unforced approach with our clients, who have all found her a pleasure to work with.
— Bobbie Sidhu, Art Director, Televisual Media Ltd.

Axon, BBC, Channel 4, CITV, Cosmopolitan, John Brown, JWT, Marie Claire, Marie Curie, NHS, Nike, Northstar, Royal Marsden, Sunday, You Magazine